Zilukha Nunnery

Zilukha Nunnery

  • On the slopes of Thimphu lies a magnificent institution that is the Zilukha Nunnery also known as the Drubthob Goemba Monastery. Zilukha Nunnery is situated above the Golf Course and is around 15 minutes drive from the main town. Like most of the great constructions in Bhutan, this nunnery is also designed in traditional Bhutanese fashion that gives it a very Bhutanese feel.
  • The nunnery was founded in 1976 by Rikel Jadren, an emanation of Thangthong Gyalpo from Tibet and is also known as Thangthong Dewachen Nunnery. The nunnery houses to around to 70 resident nuns.
  • At present the nunnery still functions as an institutes were the daughters and the sisters of Bhutan who are admitted at the nunnery are educated in Buddhism and after they graduate these nuns dedicate their lives for community service.
  • Tourists have the opportunity to witness what a Bhutanese nunnery looks like and also to interact with the nuns and learn more about the feminine life of Bhutan.

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