Centenary Farmer’s Market

Centenary Farmer’s Market

  • The Centenary farmers market, locally also known as the ‘Sabzi Bazaar’ along the Wangchhu river bank, a few minute drive from the clock tower. It is one of the busiest markets in town with agricultural products flowing in from almost all corners of the country and even imported ones.
  • The Centenary farmers market was first inaugurated in 2008 and ever since, the market has been crowded with residence of Thimphu looking for fresh agricultural produce.
  • The market showcases the colors and scents ranging from fresh organic vegetables to cured animal products. The major occupation of a developing country like Bhutan, that is agriculture can be witnessed here with varieties of vegetables from all across the nation.
  • The centenary farmers market is a wide two storied structure that is further classified in order to designate different farmers and vegetable dealers with an area to market their products. The upper storey is allocated for local produce whereas the lower one is for the products imported from outside.
  • Tourist can experience exquisite Bhutanese life here where they can witness a direct interaction between businessmen and customers. In addition to that, tourist get the opportunity to purchase and enjoy the local produce of Bhutan and check out new edibles, some of which you might not have seen or tried before.

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