National Memorial Chorten

National Memorial Chorten

  • The magnificent shrine stands tall in the midst of Thimphu City. Just a few minutes’ drive from the main market and close to National Referral Hospital, the Memorial Chorten (Stupa) is a must visit for locals and tourists alike. Its history dates back to 1974, as this remarkable chorten was built in remembrance of the Third King His Majesty Jigme Dorji Wangchuck who passed away in 1972. The memorial chorten was built by the queen mother Ashi Phuntsho Choden. Throughout the day, elderly and young both circumambulate the chorten, spinning prayer wheels, chanting prayers and at the same time socialize among one another.
  • The Structural design of the Chorten reflects a typical Tibetan style, also known as Jangchub Chorten with a classical pyramidal pillar crowned by a crescent moon and sun. It is one of the most visible structures in Thimphu with easy accessibility. The Memorial Chorten is entered though a small doorway with a beautifully decorated gate both inside and outside with three slate cravings.
  • Currently the annual “Moelam Chenmo” that is the Great Prayer Festival and many religious dedications are held at the memorial chorten. It is a popular site of visit for spiritual retreats and meditation. In the evening, joggers trotting nearby can be usually seen making brisk walks around the Chorten for pious satisfaction. In 2017, a flower festival was also held at the memorial chorten where different species of flowers from across the world were showcased and Princess Mako, also attended in this festival when she came for a state visit to Bhutan.
  • Some experience that tourists can attain is witnessing hundreds of people circumambulating around the Chorten especially during early mornings and late evenings. If Tourist are interested in meditation and practicing a bit of Buddhism when in Bhutan, spinning the large prayer wheels and praying inside the shrine is definitely considerable.

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