Folk Heritage Museum

Folk Heritage Museum

  • Folk Heritage Museum is located in Kawajangsa area and is 5 minute’s drive from the main town. The construction of this museum dates back to 2001 and it was built with purpose to provide people with knowledge on rich culture and heritage of Bhutan and exhibit the authentic Bhutanese rustic life.
  • The museum has been creatively designated in a 3 storied old Bhutanese house. The typical Bhutanese architecture definitely awes the eye that sees it. The typical mud made exterior along with all the olden days’ households’ objects inside make this piece of illustration definitely a site to see.
  • Currently the museum still operates as a platform that showcases the ways of the rural tradition and practices in order to educate the spectators the native conduct of Bhutan.
  • Tourists have the unique opportunity to live in the history of Bhutan for little while as the tour around the museum can take them back to the olden Bhutanese days. Tourists have the opportunity to purchase Bhutan-made souvenirs and witness the various hosts showcasing activities of olden days such as oil extraction, ara(alcohol) brewing and rice roasting. After all the tiring engagements, if someone is hungry than they can also recline around the folk heritage restaurant and enjoy some traditional Bhutanese meals.

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