About Paro

  • With its rich history and culture the glorious Paro district is one of the jewels of western Bhutan. Though typically rural, terraced with paddy fields and old Bhutanese farmhouses in the lower valley, in the heart of Paro is the first international airport of Bhutan which is one reason that makes it very special. It is about an hour drive from the main capital Thimphu and is a port of entry and embarkment for many visitors and nationals.

  • Another reason why Paro is popular is credited to its beautiful valley in the middle of huge forested mountains with Pa Chhu (river) marking an aquatic trail in the midst of the gorge. Paro is also home to some iconic structures of the country such as the Paro Rinpung Dzong, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, National Museum and a lot more. There are over 155 monasteries and shrines in the district some as old as 14th century; these structures are some of the oldest and scared ones in the country.

  • Locals and tourists visit this district very often especially for sightseeing, pilgrimage and hiking. Paro is also famous for its good agriculture produce as the valley has been blessed with lush fertile soil. The district has 10 villages and is home to more than 7,000 households.

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