About Zhemgang

  • Zhemgang Dzongkhag (District) lies in the South-central region of the country sharing its borders with Bumthang to the north, Trongsa and Sarpang to the west, Mongar and Pemagatshel to the east and the Indian State of Assam in the South. The Dzongkhag is administratively supported by a Drungkhag in Panbang, and eight Gewogs namely Bjoka, Bardo, Goshing, Nangkor, Nangla, Phangkhar, Shingkhar and Trong covering the area of 2,421.74. sq. km at the altitude of 100 to 4520 m above sea level. Zhemgang is considered as one of the most inaccessible Dzongkhags in the country which houses the population of more than seventeen thousand.

  • The Dzongkhag is a part of Royal Manas National Park, The Jigme Singye Wangchuk National Park, and Thrumshingla National Par. It has more than 622 species of plants including 152 medicinal plant species and 21 species that are endemic to Bhutan. It has 69 species of mammal and 360 species of birds.

  • The people Zhemgang Dzongkhag mostly depend on agriculture and livestock farming. Bamboo handicrafts made by the people of Zhemgang consists of mats, can boxes, bamboo baskets, alcohol containers and hats. Mandarin cultivation is another source of income for people of lower Zhemgang.

  • One of the most interesting features in Zhemgang is the Royal Manas National Park. This protected park is the oldest nature preserve in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Its incredible biodiversity includes hundreds of rare animal and plant species such as Golden Langurs and the Asian One-horned Rhinoceros that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. The park is the most biologically diverse protected area in the kingdom as well as one of the most outstanding nature preserves worldwide. 

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