Zhemgang Dzong

Zhemgang Dzong

  • Zhemgang dzong stands on top of a ridge that rises sharply from the Mangdechhu, facing the village of Trong and Zhemgang town.

  • Zhemgang Dzong was first built by a Tibetan Drukpa lama, Drogon Shangkyeme as early as 1163. The Dzong took its name as Shang Gang, ‘Shang’s Mountain’, which local pronunciation turned into Zhemgang. In 1963, when Zhemgang became a separate dzongkhag, the dzong was renovated under the Third King Jigme Dorji Wangchuk.

  • The dzong is a medium-size traditional three-storey building, and the materials used in the construction were stones, woods, and mud. The entire dzong area comprises of three main structures: the dzong, residence building of the district monk-body, and a two-storied administrative building. The Dzong has a wide courtyard that is estimated to accommodate around one thousand people.

  • One gets a panoramic view of the Khengrig Namsum (the three regions of Zhemgang) and on the opposite side, there stands the imposing Jowo Durshing (the Black Mountain Range) from Zhemgang Dzong,

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