The National Museum of Bhutan

The National Museum of Bhutan

  • The National Museum of Bhutan is located right above the Paro Rinpung Dzong. The Museum showcases a rich variety of historical artifacts and culture from all over Bhutan through its array of exhibitions, collections and work of arts from as early as 4000 BCE till today. The founder of the National Museum was Tenzin Drugdra, the first governor of Paro in 1649. The Ta Dzong is round and looks like conch shell with 2.5 meters thick walls.  It has 7 storied inner divisions and often it is said that it looks like a union of the sun and the moon that is circular and crescent.
  • The former Ta Dzong also was an abode for soldiers as well as the rival army’s reformatory. In 2011, the museum suffered damage due to an earthquake and was reopened in 2016. Some of the displays in the Dzong include impressive collections of ancient and modern thangkhas, masks all portraying significant meanings. There is also a gallery that showcases biodiversity and wildlife of Bhutan whereby animals and birds carcasses have been preserved and kept in glass structures. The egg laid by a mule, a horse horn attributed to Guru Rinpoche is also a rare artifact that is popular at this Museum.
  • The Museum plays the role of a preserver and promoter of Bhutanese culture and traditional values and complies along with the values of Gross National Happiness among which one of them is Preservation and Promotion of Culture.
  • Tourists can learn a lot about Bhutan just by touring around this museum. It is great opportunity to see some rare artifacts that can be rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Though cameras are not allowed inside the museum, the memories from the museum is definitely something that you will carry along for a life time.

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