Jungshi Paper Factory

Jungshi Paper Factory

  • The Jungshi Paper Factory is a 5 minutes drive from the main town. The factory specializes in paper making using barks of the Daphne and Dhekap trees. The paper factory was established in 1990, by the Department of Trade and Industries, under the Ministry of Economic Affairs with the purpose to promote indigenous skills alongside commercial scope. The products are exported overseas to big nations like USA, Europe and Japan.
  • Nonetheless, the Paper factory unlike other big factories doesn’t illustrate the picture of big factories with huge pipes emitting smoke. The architecture is based on a one storey square shaped plain white cottage and is quite simple.
  • An interesting fact about the paper making process is that the workers use traditional techniques in order to manufacture goods. The factory also houses a small shop that sells handmade paper, books, greeting cards and paper bags.
  • Till date, this factory is quite popular in the nation due to its rare produce that is unique in its quality and texture. It is in high demand not only in Bhutan but also across international boundaries. The factory has advanced in terms of creativity whereby they have now started using ingredients such as dried chilies, flowers and many other plants to promote resourcefulness.
  • Tourists can visit this unique factory in Thimphu and witness how the organic handmade paper is made and interact with people who work there. In addition to that, there is also opportunity to purchase these unique goods at reasonable prices and it can be a great memoir of Bhutan as well as gifts for families and friends back home.

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