Motithang Takin Preserve

Motithang Takin Preserve

  • Thimphu is also home to the kingdom’s national animal. Just around 15 to 20-minutes’ drive from the main city, in an area called Motithang, the Takin sanctuary is designated in 8.4 acres of forested land. The Takin is kept in an enclosed fenced zoo which is filled with fresh pasture plus the extra attention from the caretakers.
  • The Takin was declared as the national animal on 25th November 2005 as historically ascribed that the animal was created in the 15th century by Lama Drukpa Kinley popularly known as the divine Madman who was a religious preacher and a proficient tantric. It is believed that when he was asked to perform a miracle, he requested cow and goat meat for lunch. After the food, he used the leftover bones and joined the head of the goat on the skeleton of the cow, then with a snap of the finger he commanded the new animal ‘Takin’ to rise up and graze on the mountainside. To the surprise of the spectators the creature rose and ran up to the meadows to forage.  The Takin is also locally known as Dong Gyem Tsey.
  • This animal is one of a kind and cannot be found in many countries but Bhutan. There are some wild Takins in the mountainous parts of India and China.
  • Takin Preserve is definitely a popular stop for locals as well as many tourists because of the animal’s rarity. Many people can be seen hiking along the steep park as it offers a sense of relaxation and exercise as they enjoy being close to this rare animal. Along the preserve also hosts other native animals like the beautiful barking deer and the sambar. Visiting the national animal preserve is must do when in the district.

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