Tango Monastery

Tango Monastery

  • On the northward side of the capital is the magnificent Tango monastery. It is at least 30 minutes drive from the Main Thimphu town and after reaching the Dodena area, an hour hike uphill is required. This old monastery was founded by Phajo Drugom Zhigpo in the 12th century but was constructed in the 18th century by the 4th temporal ruler Druk Rabgye in the year 1688.
  • In the 19th century, the Shabdrung Jigme Choegyal installed a golden roof top on the monastery. Like many famous Bhutanese infrastructures, even Tango has been built like a Dzong. It has curved outside walls and a beautiful main tower. The courtyard has a gallery that has a showcase of the Drukpa Kagyupa lineage. In 1616, the great Lama Zhabdrung Ngywang Namgyal also visited the monastery and the founded the Drukpa Kagyupa school of Buddhism in Bhutan.
  • Currently it functions as upper-education monastic school and an important annual festival known as ‘Yarnay” is held in this monastery that commences from 15th day of the 6th month of the Buddhist calendar till the 30th day of the 7th month.
  • Tourist can experience some of the most beautiful sceneries along with the exotic floral and faunal biodiversity of the country such as many varieties of Rhododendrons and birds. Upon reaching the monastery, the beautiful architecture of the monastery and its setting is enough to mesmerize anyone who looks at it.

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