Lhakhang Nagpo

Lhakhang Nagpo

  • Few minutes away from the Lhakhang Karpo is the Lhakhang Nagpo which literally means the Black temple. In order to feature the name of the temple, the temple has been built with a grey tint in order to represent the darker color. Both the White and Black temple houses statues of the three great mountains peaks above the valley which local tradition believes as Gods known as Rigsum Gonpo, meaning the “Lords of the Three Families”, refers to the enlightened deity trinity of Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani.
  • This Lhakhang was built by the King Songtsen Gampo in the 7th century. The reason why this temple is known as the black temple is because the king released a black pigeon along with a white one to designate a site for building of the temples and the Lhakhang Nagpo was built on the site where the black pigeon actually landed. There is an opening inside the floor of the temple that leads to the underground lake.

  • The statue of Jowo Sakyamuni can be found at this temple at the inner side of the shrine and the red –faced protector Drakdu Tsen on the outer chapel house.
  • Tourist have the opportunity to visit this temple along with the white one, observe the difference and learn more about the history of these temples.

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