Haa Dzong

Haa Dzong

  • The Haa Dzong (fortress) is situated at the eastward side of Haa in Damchoe region and is the first sight one can see when they travel to Haa. The Dzong was first built in 1895 with goal to serve the people of the Haa Valley and their needs and also as a place of safety and coordination against the Tibetan invasion as the valley share the Tibetan border.  It is also said that this Dzong was built in order to subdue serpent deities who used to impact the lives of people who used to live in the valley.
  • In terms of architecture, this Dzong is a lot smaller in size as compared to the other bigger Dzongs in the country yet the design is still authentically Bhutanese. The Dzong is built as an administrative office for the Royal Government of Bhutan and also for the Indian Military Training Team. In 1963, the Dzong’s responsibility was presented to the Indian Military for them to use it as a center for training and coordination.
  • In order to provide the facilities for these expat officials the Haa Dzong also took the responsibility to uphold venues like the Wangchuk lo Dzong Military School, a military hospital and school for children of the Indian expats. Due to these conditions that prevailed, the people of Haa don’t consider this a Dzong and most of the festivals is celebrated in the Lhakhang Karpo.
  • There are restrictions to visit this Dzong but upon request, one may get a chance to check out this rare Dzong. 

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