Chelela Pass

Chelela Pass

  • The stunning Chelela Pass cannot get more beautiful than it already is especially with all the colourful prayer flags fluttering around and creating a sense of mystical tranquility. It is the midpoint between Haa and Paro at the altitude of 3,988m above sea level.
  • The way to Chelela is through a dense spruce and larch forest and takes around an hour drive from Paro.  Like the Dochula, it is one of the highest accessible points via car. On a clear sunny day one can even see the Mt. Jumolhari and Mt. Jichu Drakey from here and view of both the Haa and Paro valleys.

  • Tourists should surely visit this place as the feeling of beauty offered is heavenly. When at the top, beautiful wild flowers greet the sore eyes and the view of the two districts makes you feel on top of the world. If you travel there during winter, one may also get to spot the Himalayan Yak.

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