Kumbu Lhakhang

Kumbu Lhakhang

  • Towards the northeast side and around Two kilometers away from Gangtey monastery stands tall the Kumbu Lhakhang and it can be accessed by two routes. The Lhakhang is a two storied building built in a Bhutanese architecture and faces five houses that make up Kumbu town. The ground floor is the altar room surrounded by ancient paintings and the top floor being the main temple with statues of the three Buddha’s of the past, present and the future ‘Dusum Sangye’ and a Gonkhang temple of protective deity.
  • The establishment of the monastery dates back to 17th century under the accountability of Zhabdrung Tsenden Dawa a Tibetan Lama. It is said that the Tibetan Lam built the Lhakhang with the directives from a goat and sheep tied together led him to the location which is the main the reason why the place is a “Ne ra lu nyi ki de’ to the local people, which stands for the holy place of the goat and sheep.
  • The statue of the medicine Buddha ‘Sangay Mela’ in the main temple is indeed a spectacle of the lhakhang as it believes that those who are ill and pray to the medicine Buddha receive blessing and healing.  A ritual known as ‘Kumbu Tsham choe’ is held every 29th day of the 8th month of the Bhutanese calendar in remembrance of the late Lama Tsenden Dawa.
  • Tourist can make use of this unique opportunity to visit this holy temple and take time to witness several interesting statues, historic relics and scriptures to pray for their welling being.  The spiritual trip also offers an amazing hike through the country side of the hillside Phobjikha region.

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