Ta Dzong

Ta Dzong

  • Ta Dzong, which means “watch-tower” is situated right above the main Trongsa Dzong and is just a short uphill hike from the town. The Dzong is huge and circular in shape designed in Bhutanese style and it is five storied high. It was also the watch tower in the olden days for defensive purpose.
  • Ta Dzong has two temples. One is dedicated to the legendary Gesar of Ling, and the other to Maitreya (Jampa), the Buddha of the next age. Both temples also contain chambers for the tutelary gods. The great tri-dimensional mandala dedicated to Gesar in the Gesar lhakhang was built in 1975 on the advice of the great master Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche. This Dzong is similar to the National Museum of Bhutan, Paro, which contains eleven galleries exhibiting old artifacts. The First King’s robes, the Raven Crown, the swords of the Trongsa Penlop Jigme Namgyel and the Third King, as well as statues telling the story of Bhutan are amongst the artifacts displayed in the museum.
  • Ta Dzong was actually built in 1652 by first governor of Trongsa Choeje Minjur Tenpa in order to protect Trongsa from any likely danger. The Dzong currently still functions as a museum which now holds many sacred Buddhist and Royal relics from arts, clothes and day to day objects.
  • Tourist can climb up to the Ta Dzong from Trongsa and witness this ancient dzong and get an essence of the Bhutanese life in the olden days. Visitors are also presented with video presentation and documentary on history of Monarchy in Bhutan. The Watchtower also offers a magnificent view of the Trongsa Town.

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