Trongsa Festival – 22 to 26 Dec, 2020

  • Trongsa Tshechu is a three-day annual festival that is celebrated in the Trongsa district. The venue is the court of Trongsa Choekar Rabtse Dzong and the celebration is usually proposed according to the Bhutanese calendars 10th day   of the month.

  • Tshechu is usually celebrated to commemorate the Guru Rinpoches Birth who is well known as across the nation for his marvelous contribution. The Tshechus in Trongsa are usually celebrated around winter that is towards mid-December.

  • During the Trongsa Tshechu, there is a colorful showcase of life and culture, whereby various mask dances and traditional performance are executed by monks and laymen. The Atshara (clown) is the one of the stars of the show as they go about entertaining people with their comical and comedic acts.

  • Devotees from across the Trongsa valley and many visitors also attend this festival in order to entertain themselves and be blessed. It is also an excuse for them to come together and celebrate some quality time with families, friends and relatives.

  • For outsider, who don’t understand much about Tshechu, thing will get a lot of clear once you listen to the stories behind the performance and pay special attention to whatever goes on in the stadium.

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