About Bhutan

Bhutan, tucked away in the depths of the Eastern Himalayas, the 42,000 sq km small kingdom of Bhutan, or Druk Yul, is little known and lesser visited. A forbidden land for centuries. Still, the kingdom maintains a policy of “low volume – high quality tourism” and retains its exclusiveness in the world of travel. From high mountain peaks to deep lush valleys, from modern apartments in Thimphu to farmland barns, from meditative monks deep in prayer to fluttering prayers and vibrant, colorful festivals, Bhutan is incomparably unique.

Bhutan is wedged between China and India. Bhutan evolved one of the independent state and is one of the last Bastions of Buddhist country. Thus, Bhutan today remains one of the untouched virgin land with magnificent scenic beauty, a paradise for the cultural tourist, the trekkers and the mountaineer alike. With more than 72% of the total area covered by forests and diverse flora and fauna, the country has been declared as “One of the Ten Global Hotspot” in the World. In cities and hamlets across the kingdom, the people live a way of life that is rich in tradition and steeped in the age-old system of hospitality.

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