Haa Summer Festival – 08 & 09 Jul, 2024

  • Haa Tshechu (festival) is one of the most popular fiestas in the Haa region with astonishing color and liveliness at its peak. Everyone who comes to this festival have a sense of delight present within them as they know that they are going to achieve blessings and sanctifications there.

  • Tshechu in all other districts including one in Haa is celebrated in honor of the noble vicar of Buddhism Guru Rinpoche. There are beautiful and elegant Mask dances performed by monks and layman’s who make it seem so easy but the reality is that it is very difficult to perform. These men have to work very hard to practice these steps and be alert always.

  • This festival is celebrated at the Lhakhang Karpo on the 8th -10th day of the 8th month in Bhutanese calendar and is chance to witness and experience ancient Bhutanese culture and tradition in real life. Moreover, it is an opportunity to take part with the locals in celebration that provides one with blessing and sanctification. At the end of the ceremonies the Thongdrel Thanngkha is showcase and it is believed to cleanse sins of the people who see it.

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