Beautiful Destinations X Bhutan Excursion –   6 Nights 7 Days

Best spectacular destinations starting from Paro, drive to Thimphu, breathtaking landscape of Phobjikha Valley and Punakha, a place of mesmerizing natural beauty, with significant sites to capture the moment and exploring Bhutan’s culture.

Royal Highlander Festival – 23 Oct, 2023

  • The Royal Highlander Festival will be organised in Laya this October. Driven by the underlying goal of making the highlands a vibrant and thriving economy, the festival aims to promote the sustainable livelihood of highlanders, showcase highlander’s innovation, and exhibit the highlands as a pride of Bhutan.
  • The festival brings together highlanders from other parts of Bhutan to exchange values, knowledge, skills, and best practices related to highlands and yak farming. The festival is a landmark activity of Gasa dzongkhag’s “Good to Great Gasa”, a vision inspired by His Majesty’s passion to make our country great.

Jambay Lhakhang Singye Cham – 31 Oct to 03 Nov, 2020

Jambay Lhakhang | Bumthang

  • The Singye Cham (Lion dance) is held at the Jambay Lhakhang in Bumthang. The Jambay Lhakhang Singye Cham is performed once a year.

Chojam Rabney – 29 Nov to 03 Dec, 2020

Chojam Lhakhang | Bumthang

  • The name ‘Chojam’ was originally derived when Yidam Khorlo Dompo (presently one of the most important relics of the Lhakhang) was brought down to the village. The local people noticed that the statue’s expression looked sad and got its name as Chojam Lhakhang. Chojam Rabney is celebrated for 5 days which is financially supported by the villagers of Tang which includes four Chiwogs (Chitsum, Nimlung, Gawjud and Sakarmed). The Tshogpa also seeks funds from any visitors in Tang for the Lhakhang.
  • The Chams/ dances includes the Yakcham, Lhamgyem (performed in 2 types), Tempa Phuensum (which is said to have originated from Tibet) and many other Cham/dance varieties performed in other Dzongkhags, all of which are performed by the monks, the local villagers and students.

Tang Namkhar Rabney Festival – 23 & 24 Nov, 2020

Tang Namkhar Lhakhang | Tang | Bumthang

The Tang Namkhar Lhakhang Rabney is a three-day annual festival commemorating the founding of the Namkha Lhakhang by Lama Namkha Samdrup. It is also performed for the peace and prosperity of the community.

Tour of the Dragon – 7 September, 2019

From Bumthang to Thimphu

  • Tour of the Dragon is not a road bike race or a classic mountain bike race, nor is it a gravel grinder, because it doesn’t fit into any of the categories defined by the UCI. Since the distance of the race is 200+ km, we would categorize it as an ultra-marathon mountain bike race on roads that happen to be extremely challenging.
  • Tour of the Dragon starts in Bumthang and travels 268 km over 4 mountain passes before finishing in Thimphu. It’s one of the toughest one-day mountain bike races in the world.

Nimalung Festival – 28 to 20 June, 2020

Nimalung Dratsang | Bumthang

  • Nimalung Tshechu is a 3-days festival, and it is started with the usual chams and dances performed in other dzongkhags but on the final day, people are blessed with the display of Guru Tshengye Thongdrol in the morning. For the final day of the festival, people also get the opportunity to observe Guru Tshengye cham and Drametse Nga Cham performed by the monks of Nimalung Dratshang.

Padseling Kuchoed – 20 & 21 May, 2019

Padseling Goenpa | Bumthang

  • The Padseling Kuchoed is held at the Padseling monastery in Choekhor gewog in Bumthang. Several mask dances are performed including the Drametse Nga Cham, Pacham, Ging and Zhacham. On the first day, a large tapestry of Buddha Shakyamuni, Avalokiteshvara and Guru Padmasambhava is displayed.
  • On the second day, the highlight is a special blessing of the phurba (spiritual dagger) belonging to the founder of the temple. The dagger is preserved inside a box and is one of the main relics of the temple.

Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition – 21 February, 2019

Samdrup Jongkhar

  • Samdrupjongkhar was chosen as the venue for the 5th RBFE in light of the historic and geographic importance of the border town, which serves as one of the gateways to the country. Besides promoting the local economy in floriculture and supporting small businesses though the event, the flower exhibition also aims to galvanize town beautification.

  • Thus, the RBFE is envisioned as an event which would foster an appreciation and pride in the community for aesthetic spaces that are well cared for, resulting in the development of beautiful towns and cities in Bhutan. It also aims to promote local economy, boost tourism, and encourage local businesses in floriculture.

Talo Festival – 01 to 03 April, 2020

Talo Gonpa | Punakha

  • It was started by Zhabdrung Rinpoche with the unique mask dances and the Talop’s folk dances by people of Talo to pay homage to Zhabdrung.

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